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BrainStrong.projects is a company that welcomes several types of projects that go ranging from organizing, planning and consulting international events, to the development of new products in the areas of Health, Education and others.

Its main objective is to foment the feasibility of detailed planning, previously submitted and approved by the customer, as well as complying with the expected budget. Its professional structure constituted of elements with a wide experience in the various areas, guarantee the ultimate success of the entire process. With strong creative spirit, and clear terms about what we do, we believe that only in this way we can guarantee a quality service.

We want to keep our customers loyal, not through low budgets, but qualified professionalism in innovative projects.

BrainStrong.projects is going to organize next year the 1st World Congress of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century in Cascais on the 9th and 10th of November, 2019.

In this way, our company intends to promote scientific knowledge through this Millennial Medicine, contributing to its dissemination and diffusion throughout the World.

The event will be open to experts, scientists, doctors, students, graduates of the various areas of Health that will discuss topics related to this scientific area and health care in general in the 21st century.

Rogério Costa

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