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BrainStrong.projects is a Lisbon based events organization company with twenty years of experience. Excellence and feasibility whilst working towards the client's vision are the main concerns of the organization. The year 2019 will see the company´s first event, a World Congress of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, that will be a one of a kind event in Europe regarding this field of work.


At BrainStrong.projects, preventive and integrative health is part of our daily life. We innovate, study, rehearse and project new programs in this area for this century and the next one. We know that Health will only be sustainable in the future if you have these concerns: prevention, control of costs, integration and health. Prevention, so that you will not later on spend your time with less quality of life; control of costs to ensure not to spend what will be needed by many; integration, because we will all be important in the battle against all forms of disease, and lastly, Health because only with healthy citizens can we hope for a better future. At BrainStrong.projects we work today for the future of tomorrow.


At BrainStrong.projects we think that education cannot stop in time. Its biggest challenge is to create new tools to support students and teachers, fostering research and making education more promising. The future happens tomorrow but we must project it today.

Scientific Publications

BrainStrong.projects supports and promotes the scientific dissemination of various types of magazines, books and other types of support.

New Projects & Products

Do you have an idea? Do you want to implement a project? Need support developing this idea? Our team is waiting for you.

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